Why not have a Halloween party for adults and children this year. Find ideas for Halloween Party invitations, games, activities, creepy food suggestions and many
Halloween Party kids crafts ideas and projects to turn your house into a haunted house and to entertain your guest on that spooky night.


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Halloween Party

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Find some easy ideas for creating a Halloween party that is fun for you and your children. Whether you need ideas for a school or your own Halloween party for kids we created some cool decorations, craft projects, and collected games to entertain your guest on that spooky night.

Plan a Creepy Halloween Party for Kids and Adults

Host a Halloween party for adults and children; it’s a great alternative for going out trick-or-treating.

Halloween Party Invitations

Your Halloween party invitations are very important aspects of your party. Invitations are the best way to get your guests excited about your Halloween party. Send some great hand made Halloween party invitation and you can be sure your party will stick in people’s minds. Make sure to apply your Halloween party theme to your invitations

  • Decide on the date and time. Tip: Have your Halloween party start later in the evening, after dinner time so you only have to serve snacks and finger foods.
  • Set a number of guests you can easily accommodate and to make sure you have the right amount of food and supplies.
  • Write them with a shaky hand and enclose little black plastic spiders. Include an RSVP and phone number or email address so your guest can respond to your invitation.
  • Send Halloween invites at least 2 weeks in advance.

Halloween Party Supplies Check List

Halloween Party Decoration

Create a spooky ambiance: Halloween's one of the best times to go all out on your decoration.
  • Announce a Pumpkin contest in your Halloween party invitation. Ask your guest to bring their carved pumpkins to the party and you got some great decorations.
  • Reserve a corner and turn it into a pumpkin patch. Use a brown sheet and drape it over a table or some boxes to get different heights. Display your pumpkins and add some green ribbons around them.
  • Hang orange and black balloons in clusters in corners with black ribbons attached.
  • Hang spider webs up in ceilings and corners and place big hairy spiders in some of the cobwebs.
  • Cover tables with black plastic table cloth and decorate with a pumpkin cut-outs and pumpkin garlands. (see pattern to make it yourself)
  • Decorate each doorway for your Halloween party with cobwebs and spiders.
  • Roll up orange napkins with black cutlery inside and place it inside a bat napkin holder. (See craft illustration) Go to www.KidsSoup.com for instructions.
  • Lower the lights to create an eerie atmosphere, or replace the lights with red or black bulbs.
  • Throw old sheets over furniture and decorate with spider webs.
  • Hang glow-in-the-dark skeletons from the ceiling and walls.
  • Light essential passageways to the toilets or the bar with strings of glowing Halloween party decoration.
  • Use Halloween music to set the mood.
  • Use Halloween Place Cards for your table
  • See more Halloween Decorations ideas for your Halloween Party.

Welcome your guests

  • Children can help you to create and place rows of tombstones with the names of your guests leading up to your door. Use decorated cardboard or cereal boxes.
  • Hang Halloween lights around your front door and use a fog machine to welcome your guests.

Halloween Party Games and Activities

Next you'll want to keep your guests busy. Create several activities areas for the guests to visit.

  • Photo spot
    Create a Halloween photo backdrop to get their special picture taken. Use an instant camera to get pictures right away.
  • Photo frame Halloween party craft activity
    Area where kids can create their own photo frames. Photo frames craft kits can be bought cheap (Oriental Trading) or made out of a piece of card stock folded in half.
  • Halloween Lotto
    Kids can play a game of Halloween Lotto and prizes could be miniature candy bars or party favors.
  • Dance contest
    Have a dance contest to the Monster Mash
  • Videos and Movies
    Rent some Goosebumps videos or classic monster movies for later in the evening.
  • Trick-or-Treating
    Have your party goers line up and parade around your neighborhood for trick-or-treating.
  • Pumpkin Contest
    Hand out a price for the scariest and best looking pumpkin.

Halloween Party Food and Refreshments

Serve chips and dips in black cauldron pots at your Halloween Party. Make Oreo cookie spiders and place them on the table. Make a freaky fruit punch bowl with ginger ale and an ice hand floating in it. (Fill plastic glove with water and freeze it. Remove plastic glove and you got a creepy ice hand).

End of your Halloween Party

Hand out costume awards for each child with party favors.


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